Design By Kjær & Høilund - Made in Denmark

About Hover Collection

“We custom-build unpretentious, minimalistic quality furniture to your precise dimensions,” explains Kristoffer Kjær, cabinet maker and the designer behind Hover Collection.

Thanks to the flexibility and adaptability of the company’s production processes, a Hover Collection bench, for example, can be ordered as a small stool, only 62 cm in length, or as a full-length 150 cm bench. And the same flexibility applies to all of the furniture in the collection.

“Many of our customers really appreciate this option. They choose the dimensions themselves, which means they have a hand in the final design. For example, if they want their bench to fit into the 120-centimeter recess in their entrance hall, we’ll manufacture it to fit,” says Kjær.

The Hover Collection design is based on the idea that the furniture “hovers”. One of Danish furniture design’s greats, Montana’s former CEO and founder, Peter Lassen, has the following to say about the design:

“Hover Collection has a totally fresh look. They’re onto something fundamental, which means that their designs can easily be made both functional and aesthetic. The principle can therefore be applied to countless functions and used for a wide range of furniture.”

The fundamental structure of all of Hover Collection’s furniture is the same. There is no direct connection between the floor and the actual seat surface, so it looks as though the seat hovers above the ground.

“It’s extremely important that the piece of furniture can be viewed from many different angles. A large sofa can easily stand in the middle of a room and won’t seem large. Thanks to the design, it will always look elegant and light. But the lightness of the design doesn’t mean we’ve compromised on quality. We use stainless steel for the frame, so our furniture is both light and strong,” Kjær goes on to explain.

The Danish furniture industry has always been a great supporter of Hover Collection.
Peter Lassen has provided funding for Kristoffer Kjær’s collection, and Bent Krogh A/S and Camo Leathers have also contributed. Last but not least, Kjær has had the help of Jönsson Inventar A/S, formerly E O Jönsson A/S, the company that trained him as a cabinet maker.

All of Hover Collection’s furniture is manufactured in Denmark by select suppliers. In collaboration with Quick Tube NMF Industries in Odense, Hover Collection employs the latest 3D laser cutting technologies to ensure consistent results every time. If pieces need upholstering, they collaborate with the upholstery department of Bent Hansen in Aalborg who always delivers quality products.
Hover Collection sources its oak, Douglas fir and ash slats from Dinesen and imports recycled and plantation teak from Indonesia.

Kristoffer Kjær and architect Mikael Høilund developed the design concept together but, today, Kjær designs and manufactures Hover Collection furniture himself.